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Here you can find all kind of chess seminars, covering the whole range from openings to middle game and end game theory. Take the chance to get in touch with experienced players on GM level to gain new and important insights to chess.




Chess Tournaments worldwide. There is no better way to improve your chess and get a higher ELO-rating than participating in a chess tournament. Practical training cannot be replaced by a book.




Find the perfect chess coach for your individual needs. Our goal is to build up a extensive database of chess coaches worldwide. There are benefits for both sides: you can finde easily the perfect coach and the chess coach does not have to bother to get new trainees.


Schach.Training - Your online platform for chess ressources

Find chess coaches, tournaments and chess seminars in your area!

Or be found by others:

  • You are organizing chess tournaments or seminars - announce them here for free!
  • You have something interesting to share about chess - become an editor in our news section!
  • You are giving chess lessons as a coach - put your profile online as some kind of mini-homepage!

We are looking forward to you and your participation!



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